In 2005, together with three friends, I created a publisher specializing in the oral tradition. Some years later the number of members went from four to eight.

This publisher, called Palabras del Candil, has five publishing areas:


WRITTEN IN THE AIR: books in which storytellers from Spain and other countries publish their own stories and storytelling shows. More info.

IN THEORY: books which reflect on the theory and practice of storytelling.More info

ORAL LAND: collections of traditional stories, typological catalogues, ethnotexts, etc. More info.

1001 NIGHTS: storybooks and storytelling shows which can also be read by children and young people. More info.

MOUSE LIBRARY: a corner dedicated to the picture book. More info.

THE ENGLISH COLLECTION: We also have a collection we are publishing little by little in English. More info.


Here you can see our website, blog, facebook and twitter. I hope you find it interesting.