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Degree in Spanish (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares) and in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).  Social Work graduate (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas) He has attended many additional training courses on creativity, theatre as an educational resource,  sex education etc.

In a university context, he worked for four years on the first critical edition of the complete works of Borges.

He started to tell stories professionally in 1994 and this still continues to be not only his profession but his passion. He has told stories to children, teens and adults all over Spain and also in other countries: Mexico, Portugal, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Argentina, Greece, Colombia and Tunisia, taking part in fairs, festivals and other important events in the world of storytelling (Guadalajara Storytelling Marathon, Agüimes Festival, Beja Festival, Portugal, Alden Bilzen Festival, Belgium, El telar de Sharazade in Mexico City, Festival International de Conte les 7 Langues du Dragon 09, Lausanne Switzerland, Costa Rica International Arts Fair etc.)

He has been a member of the Children's Literature Seminar, Guadalajara (Spain)  and was an organizer of the Guadalajara Storytelling Marathon from 1994 to 2006. He has also been involved in other large events related to oral narration: Festival of the Word(Alcalá de Henares); Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Storytelling Marathon and the two first state gatherings of Storywriters, Storytellers and other professionals in the field of Oral Narration. (Cádiz 04 and Mondoñedo 05) and was one of the founders of the Encuentros Estatales de Narradores ( State Gatherings of Narrators)

He coordinated the children's Literary Seminar of Villviciosa de Odón for four years (2004-2008)

Pep gives literary and creation workshops; organizes activities on encouraging reading; writes specialist articles; gives courses and conferences in universities, schools, teachers' centres, libraries, cultural centres and so on.

He also writes, publishing a weekly story in the magazine El Decano for 17 years and has been doing work for the SER radio station since 2004. He has three blogs: one on oral narration and his day to day life as a narrator, reader, editor and writer, another on fantasy toponymy, and a third about the publishing house Palabras del Candil.


As an author he has published:

Children's books:

Cuento para contar mientras se come un huevo frito (Kalandraka) illustrated by Mariona Cabassa.

La cabra boba (OQO) illustrated by Roger Olmos. (English edition: The Silly Nanny Goat)

Los doce meses (Palabras del Candil ) illustrated by  Lourdes Quesada 

Carolina Gomadeborrar y Superlapicero Oscuro (in Pajarito sin cola, anthology of LIJ de Castilla La Mancha, edited by la Junta de Comunidades); 

Libro de contar (OQO)  illustrated by Mariona Cabassa (English edition: Count with Me)

Pétala (OQO)  illustrated by Luciano Lozano

La noche de los cambios  (OQO) illustrated by Lucie Müllerovà

La casa de mi abuela (OQO) illustrated by Mateo Gubellini (English edition: My Grandmother's House)

Un lugar donde ser feliz (M1C) illustrated by Lucie Müllerová 

Un loro en mi granja (Edelvives) illustrated by Lucie Müllerová; winner of the  IV  INTERNATIONAL PICTUREBOOK COMPETITION  BIBLIOTECA INSULAR CABILDO DE GRAN CANARIA (113 entrants from 16 countries)

La Familia C, illustrated by Mariona Cabassa; winner of the III COMPOSTELA INTERNATIONAL PICTUREBOOK PRIZE 2010 (519 entrants from 23 countries);  (English edition: The C Family)

La siestas de los Enormes (OQO) illustrated  by Natalia Pudalov

Los caminos de los árboles (La fragatina ediciones) illustrated by Mariona Cabassa

La mejor bellota (Almadraba) illustrated by Lucie Müllarova

¡Maldito diente! (OQO) illustrated by Amrei Fiedler

Un monstruo (Alba Editorial) illustrated by Leire Salaberria

Escarabajo en compañía (Ekaré) illustrated by Rocío Martínez

Buñuelos de huracán (A buen paso) illustrated by Carla Besora

Cuentos mínimos (Anaya) illustrated by Goyo Rodríguez

Los días pequeños (Narval) illustrated by Daniel Piqueras Fisk

Publications for adults:

Papeles de don Tadeo (AH)

Cuaderno de Imágenes (Palabras del Candil) 

99 Pulgas (Palabras del Candil); (English edition: 99 Fleas)

Cosas que pasan (Palabras del Candil)

101 pulgas (Palabras del Candil)


He has also published articles for reflection, interviews etc in various specialist magazines. See in own articles.

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